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18.h Consulting

Business Transformation Delivered.

18.h Consulting offers top-tier cost-effective and cost saving business solutions to the small, medium and large-sized enterprises to transform their businesses. We are providing best in class consulting services in Business Analytics, Marketing Automation, CRM Automation and Trainings.

Our consulting services are well complimented by industries and globally accepted product lines in the field of Analytics (AI and Machine Learning), Marketing Automation, CRM Automation & Trainings. We create value for our customers through optimization and helping them in transformation across their businesses.

As 18.h Consulting believes  “What gets measured gets Improved”

We bring more than two decades to technology know how together with its changing technology landscape and have worked and working across Industries such as Retail, Manufacturing, Ecommerce, BFSI, Contact Centers, Telecommunications, Automotive and Education.

We understand “Data” and “Automation” to realize the value of Automation and Data, today we we need organizations wide cohesive transformational strategy— a strategy which touches 360 degrees on optimization and not just merely technological solutions. Our overall technology transformation strategy and analytical expertise help ensures that our customers build the right capabilities to understand data for insights, these insights can be plugged together with marketing engine for optimal sales conversions (achieving revenues) together with right data set via cleansing, preparing and conducting advanced Analytics as that can enable creating better business decisions and value. Since, knowledge and technology always evolve, we are actively pursuing towards niche technology trainings for our clients on a regular basis.

Why Us

The newer technologies and architectures that have emerged over the last decade have re-written what’s possible in the world of marketing, sales and customer analytics. This constant evolution lights our passion and drives us towards newer innovations.

We help organizations make better decisions every day. 18.h Consulting has a proven, disciplined approach that changes the way organizations leverage their data. By building analytics based intelligent and scalable solutions, our clients make better decisions, faster every time and see the results for their top and bottom line using our Marketing Solutions with strong Web Analytics or Analytics with Predictive modeling coupled with CRM led optimization services and Trainings.