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Faster sales conversion

Integration to offline and online generated leads

Complete sales & marketing process capture of lead to customer acquisition


Financial Services

Real Estate

Travel and Hospitality



Addressing and delivering higher & marketing productivity

Industries 18.h consulting helping with Leadsquared

Higher Ed

Helping higher education institutes increase enrollments and admissions, both online and offline, with complete admission management through admission portals.


Helping EdTech in selling more online courses and online EdTech products, for both B2B and B2C markets.

Career Schools

Convert leads to enrollments, all year around. Complete admission accelerator for your school


Helping insurance companies sell insurance plans faster, by managing upsells, cross sells, customer acquisition and renewals.

NBFC (Lending)

Helping lending businesses achieve faster pre-screening applications, to correct and timely disbursements of loans, through automated application processing and management.


Helping banks achieve high performance across various functions and sub functions, right from generating sales to automating processes through the digital journey.

Real Estate

Helping real estate businesses and consultants achieve faster sales of inventories through various channels including direct sales, partners or marketplaces, by targeting various customer segments (high value inventory to low level inventory) with defined sales cycles of pre-sales, sales and post sales.


Helping hospitals and clinics in streamlining the call centre process and helping the marketing teams to engage with the leads to drive more conversion.

Travel and Hospitality

Helping travel companies, hotels, cafes sell more bookings and packages, through their sales and marketing process.

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